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Hill Country Thoughts: A Coffee Cup Ministry

“Write from the Heart and Walk One Day At A Time with the Lord!!” The Mayor 🙂

The Mayor is a nickname that my friends gave me years ago

One heart, laid bare, letting others know they are not alone if they know Jesus. It beats inside Paul Dawn Jr., a prolific writer who created Hill Country Thoughts to encourage people to walk more closely with the Lord.

After a battle with cancer in 2003, two major surgeries, a divorce, not by choice, in 2004 after 29 years of marriage. The Lord has taken what seemed like defeat and out of the ashes has brought forth life and focused him on what was important, the Lord Jesus Christ!

Paul pens his innermost thoughts about his journey as a Christian and all that the Lord is teaching him. His honest and poignant writings tell of his personal struggles, hard-won victories and the joys of learning to trust and follow Jesus Christ.

Paul, now lives in Seguin, Texas.

Moved back to Seguin, Texas after 13 years in Georgia, Lived in Junction for 30 years, moving to Georgia, Christmas of 2004, Kennesaw and the Smyrna, moving back to Texas on August 2, 2016.

Hopefully Hill Country thoughts is a place where people can come and be encouraged online by hearing about the faithfulness of the Lord.

My hope is to exhort others, lift them up, to let them know that we are never without hope and the Lord is with us in all that we go through in life.

Paul, a freelance writer and researcher, started Hill Country Thoughts in April 2004. The Pinecrest Bible Training Center, now know as Bethany Bible Training Center, graduate’s website has attracted more than 60,000 visitors. Many have come from other countries, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Malaysia, to name a few.

I see the Lord intertwining His people together.We have been given a great opportunity to use the Internet for the Lord.

We need to share and let people to know there is hope in a world that seems to have very little.

In addition to his web page, Paul also wrote for the website Crossmap.com for nine years, as well as several other online e-zines, writes devotionals, was co-moderator of Christian Writers Group (CWG) for ten years and serves on the advisory board, was a member of the Christian Authors Guild, in Woodstock, Georgia.

Paul has a coffee cup ministry. A lot of his writing is done at various coffee shops, but mainly at Court Street Coffee Shop, downtown, Seguin, Texas 🙂

A market place ministry that allows Him to meet people of all ages, to have an ear to listen, exhort and hopefully encourage others.

(By Luanne Hunt/Paul Dawn)

  • Billy_butler40

    Hey I found you linked to the I AM SECOND website and my wife and I are bringing in some guest speakers from the ministry and holding a large event in Kennesaw GA. Just wanted to give you a heads up if you wanted to be involved. billy_butler40@yahoo.com