Hidden Garden by Paul E. Dawn Jr.

The Court Street Coffee Shop, Seguin, Texas has a really cozy corner out back. A garden, that is being maintained by my friend Jacob Brug, a Gardner.

The other day I spent some time out back, under the arbor. A number of tables, a cozy setting, the coolness of a cloudy day, enjoying a mug of Walnut Springs Blend or you could have a cup tea, a glass wine, or a local brew.

Court Street Coffee Shop is one of those places, where a lot of people in the area, don’t realize the treasure that they have in this coffee shop. Coffee, Salad Bar, Sandwiches, all kinds of bakery goods and on Friday and Saturday nights, live music from  7:00 till 9:00 PM!

When I moved to Seguin last August 2016, I was looking for a Coffee Shop and when I walked through the door of Court Street,  I knew that this was home! When I walked through the door I met Lyndon and Mary Jo, the owners and I told them I was looking for a coffee shop to call home and they said, “This is your spot but on Fridays at Noon, I would have to sit in another spot because there is a sewing circle that comes in every Friday from noon to three and I said no problem!”

It is a place to call home, my coffee spot, my home away from home, and a place to meet and make new friends, where I do most of my writing. I get to meet so many new people and to listen to them. Sometimes people just want someone to listen, they are not asking for advice, just someone to listen.  Hopefully, I am a good listener and get a chance to exhort, encourage them by simply listening.

If you have the time, drop by Court Street Coffee Shop and check it out and if you see a pleasantly plump gentleman, wearing a white cowboy hat, busy writing on my MacBook with a black front, say howdy!!


Aka The Mayor

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