Ponderings From My Journal

“If you would have asked me years ago what I would be doing, the last thing I would have said, was a market place ministry, a ministry of hanging out!! Of listening, encouraging, exhorting others!

Not preaching!! But being who I am in Y’Shua.

It is amazing the number of people, young and old, who just want someone to listen! Hopefully my life reflects a relationship, not religion. Hopefully I am reflecting the life I have in Y’Shua.

I could stay in my apartment, to write, etc … but that is not who I am! When I am out, in the marketplace, in a coffee shop, I know I am where I am supposed to be! To write, to listen, to encourage young and old and in so doing, I too am revived because my focus is not on me, it is on others, to observe, to listen, to lift others up!!

In a coffee shop, you overhear conversations, not because you want to, yet those very conversations I can lift to the Father, I don’t have to go to them. I can in my heart and mind lift it to the Father as He leads me too. Putting it into His hands. Hopefully this makes sense to those that are reading this!

For about nine years, I, along with eight others wrote columns for Crossmap. We did not know that everything that we wrote was sent to all the major countries in the world where they had offices! I have copies of my columns that are in French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, Hebrew, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, etc. I did not get to travel to different countries as my children did, but with my hands on the keyboard, I was able to do so, I never saw this coming!!

The Father will use the gifts and talents He has given us. For me, it was the heart of a ready writer!! Hopefully I can be a pen in His hand, reflecting the reality of a relationship with Him. Faith is a relationship, a walk, day by day, literally one day at a time! Each day a new start, new beginning, fresh mana, new words for the day!!

So now, at 03:10 in the morning, these thoughts are on my heart, that the Father has had me to write down to remind me that this is what He has called me too! That it is about Him and I get to be part of it. How about that!!


Aka The Mayor

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