Carpe Diem

​Just sitting here at my desk this evening comptemplating the events of the day.
Taking it easy,  thinking about my friend Chad’s post to the Joshua’s Men’s group that I am part of and it was spot on! The title of the article was called “Carpe Diem”  which means to “Seize The Moment.”
What an awesome word,  to seize the moments that are given to us,  for that moment may never come again,  likely to not be repeated!
We don’t want to lose those moments! We need to write them on our hearts so that we don’t forget them.  Some to share,  some to hold deeply within, treasures to look back on and to say “Ah, Father,  thank you for these moments that you have given us!”
My brother,  my fellow servant,  Chad,  with his post,  stirred up so many “Cape Diem” moments in my life.  That I was able to look back and look within and give thanks for those times that I did seize those moments and the Father open doors, such as the move back to Texas.
Let us seize the day,  those moments that have been given to us and let us release it so we can move forward in the moment and time that we are in.
That in doing so,  we touch the hearts of others.  As we open ours,  others will see that hope,  that rest,  that peace we have as we walk with the Father,  with Y’shua, our Savior, being lead by the Holy Spirit, to seize the day, to seize the moment!!
Cape Diem family and friends, seize the day, the moments you have been given!

Aka The Mayor/PDiddy

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