It is Amazing!

SittingTheMayorTheRevExpresso here at The Rev, the thought “It is good to dwell in the House of The Lord, to dwell in His presence” kept going through my mind and then I realized that the Lord was speaking about the here and now, right here in The Rev, I was dwelling in His presence. That we were enjoying the company of each other! It was the same thought He gave me years ago, at Starbucks, in Kennesaw, when I first moved to Georgia in 2004

What a thought!

To realize that where ever we go, we are in His presence. That we can walk in that relationship with Him. That He makes His word alive within. Writing them upon our hearts and allowing us to share with others.

That it is more than just Sunday and Wednesday. It is living daily in the Lord and realizing that He has given us His Spirit to do so.

It seems to me, the more that we press into the Lord the simpler it becomes. That we are really learning to live daily with the Lord!  He has called us to be living epistles, written on by His hand, molded and shaped to reflect the reality of the inworking of the Holy Spirit.

We are daily being conformed to His image by the things that we go through, that we experience in life, even the dark nights of the soul and He gives us the strength to walk in Him. He has already prepared the way, even when we do not see it with the natural eye, we walk by faith, walking in the strength and might of Lord.

He has given us the answer and it is not as complicated as we think!

He says “Come, dwell in me and I will dwell in you and we will be one.”

Is that not awesome? We can dwell in the presence of the most High and we will never be the same as He mold us into living epistles, written on by the Lord, read by others and the fragrance they smell, will be the fragrance of Jesus, that when He is lifted up in our lives. It will draw others to Him, because of what He has done in us!

Till later,


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