You Are Unique, You Really Are!!

Writing LampSometimes it is just nice to do nothing, to just enjoy everything around you! A time of relaxing and catching up with my friends and fellow bloggers/writers online, to see how things are going.

I am so blessed by the many friends that Y’Shua has given me through Hill Country Thoughts over the years. I never know what I will experience as I visit each one. I am always touched as I visit, as different ones share their thoughts, their ideas, their hopes, their dreams, their hurts and wounds, often vulnerable but yet sharing from the heart. I may leave with tears in my eyes, or a rejoicing heart.

We have been given such an awesome tool in the Internet, to be used, a chance to be real and honest, vulnerable at times. It is the honesty and the openness that draws others, because what is shared is shared from the heart, out of what they have experienced in their lives.

One of the things that really amazes me is that a number of times, is the way that various bloggers/writers will post their thoughts and often times , it goes along with what I am sharing and none of us had read what they other had posted to their site.

One of the main themes I have always talked about, is the fact, that often times we may think why share this, it won’t mean a thing, when it is the very thing someone who is blogging or surfing by needs to read, to hear in their hearts and when they do, it gives them hope, it plants a seed that someone else might water and another harvest.

That is why I encourage you my friends, don’t be weary in blogging, in writing, maybe not every day, but know, that even when you don’t “get comments” you may be touching lives that you will never know about this side of heaven.

I just really felt to post this today, to let you know, that what you write, what you share is very important, it touches the hearts of others.

Allow Y’Shua to use you, even when you “don’t see results” for our purpose is to encourage, exhort, lift up one another. To listen, to be there as we blog by those that are on our hearts.

Each one of you my friends are unique, one of a kind and only you can share what you share because you are sharing from your heart. Allow Y’Shua, allow others to be encouraged by sharing what He has written upon your heart. Stir up the gifts He has given you, use them to bless others.

Be blessed my blogging/writing friends, my fellow surfers. May you find in what you read here in at Hill Country Thoughts or elsewhere, that which will draw you closer to the Y’Shua and give you hope as you walk this pathway, called life.

Till later,


Note: Y’Shua, the Hebrew name of our Savior

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