Nothing Wasted!

Nothing Wasted!

It is really good to get out of the apartment. The portable oxygen makes it nice. This will be a temporary thing, while they continue to check things to see how I do over the next month. Just have to use it when I am out and about. While settTheMayor2015_opting at the coffee shop, I can turn if off, only when I am active, on the road, shopping, etc and while sleeping at night.

For a little while I was frustrated that it was going to be one more thing, to slow me down. The machine at the apartment, I use all night. Been getting full nights of rest. It takes the air and extracts oxygen for me to breath.

I am thankful for each breath and for each day the Father gives me and for the opportunities that I have to be out and about in the marketplace, in the coffee shops, of hoping that I am able to exhort, encourage others, as they move forward in this walk of life. And I hope and pray family and friends, that I can always be a source of encouragement to you, even though the things that I go through at times.

I know that none of it is wasted and that hopefully again, you will receive encouragement, blessings as I walk one day at a time with The Father and the Son, I am blessed with awesome children, grand-children, with my brothers and sister and mother, with friends, thank you all for being there. You all are greatly loved and appreciated!

For all my writing friends continue to put pen to paper, hands to keyboard and to express what has been written on your hearts, for others need that very thing that is being birthed within, that will touch their hearts, and released them to move forward.

Writing from the Heart,

aka The Mayor

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  • Paul, thank you for the inspiring and encouraging message. Merry Christmas!