Pondering Thoughts At The Rev

TheMayor@TheRevWell, it is afternoon now, has been good to be here, to see so many friends, The Rev has been packed on and off since it opened. Visited with some friends and as I look out among all my fellow coffee/tea/latte drinkers, I wonder what stories they have to tell! You hear a lot conversations, but you can’t always make them out. A lot of communication going on. Coffee Shops are a crossroad of people, young and old, interacting, living life and some times, if I am blessed, and I am many times, I get the privilege of listening to some of their stories and stand amazed.

For I am the one that comes away blessed, to have listen, to encourage, to be there when needed and I know that when I am in the market place, in the place the Father wants me, as a writer, an exhorter and encourager to others, to know that He has allowed me to travel the world with the pen and the keyboard, that the things He has had me to write, be posted in many other countries by Crossmap, in such languages as Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Portuguese, Japanese, German, French, etc!

I didn’t even know at the beginning that they were being posted to other sites, and to see the number of times they have been read has amazed me, I will never know who they touched this side of heaven, but I know the Father used it for His glory and that is all that matters, for it is about Him, about our Savior, and maybe someday I will meet those who read them.

Our Father will use the gifts that He has given us, if we let Him and we all have gifts of various kinds, too many to list. Just give what you have to Him and let Him use it, in the yielding, we let go and let the Holy Spirit guide us! And that should encourage us even more as we press in and press on in what He has sat before us this day!

What has He set before you?


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