Damn Tired

Camera2-2015-03-13-03-20-23.jpgI am so damn tired of the pain! It never goes away and it seems like pain meds do not work like they should! I am ok spiritually, etc, it is the physical part and it has been like this since 2003 after all the chemo, radiation, surgeries, the pain never, ever goes away! So tired of all the meds I take. It seems all they do is dull the pain but the side effects of tiredness, drowsiness is old!

I have a lot of friends who go through the same thing because of various illnesses. Most people only see the outward, they do not see inward effects of their illnesses, the result of the treatments and medication and so the judge by what they see but they do not know the battle that goes on from deliberating pain that never, ever goes away!

Please be careful with what you say because of what you “see.” Don’t be so quick to judge, A lot of what you see! A lot it has to do with the treatments, meds that we take, the side effects of many of them. Each person is different and what they, what we need is encouragement, prayer, understanding, not judgment.

Pain is a real battle and if it wasn’t for my faith, my family and friends and the doctors and surgeons, the medical people at the Kerrville VAMC and at the Audie Murphy VAMC and University of Texas Medical Center and Cancer Treatment Center, In San Antonio, all through the VA,  I would not be here.

Each day is a gift, a challenge and the only way I make it through the day is knowing that the Father is with me 24 hours a day, even in the midst of pain, I still have that thread and believe me, I am holding on tight to His hands!



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